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Embark on an epic adventure with “Sisters of Sword and Song” by Rebecca Ross, a captivating tale of sisterhood, courage, and destiny. In a world where legends come alive and magic intertwines with history, sisters Evadne and Halcyon find themselves on separate paths destined to converge. As they uncover ancient secrets and face formidable challenges, their bond and abilities are put to the ultimate test.

Key Features:

  • Author: Rebecca Ross
  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy
  • Themes: Sisterhood, Magic, Adventure
  • Format: Paperback/Hardcover
  • Pages: [number of pages]
  • Publisher: [publisher name]
  • Language: English

Join Evadne and Halcyon on a journey filled with bravery and intrigue. “Sisters of Sword and Song” is a must-read for fans of fantasy fiction and compelling narratives that celebrate the power of familial ties and courage.

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