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Prepare to be swept away into a world of forbidden love, ancient secrets, and epic adventure with “From Blood and Ash” by Jennifer L. Armentrout. In this captivating fantasy novel, follow the journey of Poppy, a young maiden bound by duty and hidden desires, as she navigates a treacherous world teetering on the brink of war.

Enter the Kingdom of Atlantia, where darkness lurks in the shadows and danger lurks around every corner. As the Chosen One, Poppy is tasked with protecting the kingdom from the forces of darkness, but she harbors a secret that could shatter everything she holds dear.

Experience the thrill of forbidden romance as Poppy finds herself drawn to Hawke, a mysterious guard with secrets of his own. Amidst the chaos of battle and betrayal, their love ignites a spark of hope in a world consumed by darkness.

Journey with Poppy as she embarks on a quest for truth, redemption, and the ultimate power that lies within her. From ancient prophecies to thrilling battles, “From Blood and Ash” is a spellbinding tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Immerse yourself in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s richly imagined world, where magic and danger collide in a battle for the fate of humanity. Whether you’re a fan of epic fantasy or gripping romance, “From Blood and Ash” promises an unforgettable adventure that will leave you breathless.

Join Poppy on her quest for freedom and love in “From Blood and Ash.” Order your copy today and discover why readers everywhere are raving about this thrilling new series.

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