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“I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” is a Japanese novel written by Yoru Sumino. Originally published in 2015, it has since been adapted into manga, anime, and live-action film formats.

The story revolves around two high school students, an introverted bookworm named Haruki Shiga and an outgoing, terminally ill girl named Sakura Yamauchi. When Haruki discovers Sakura’s secret diary revealing her pancreatic illness, he becomes entangled in her life and agrees to keep her illness a secret. Despite their contrasting personalities, the two form an unlikely bond and embark on a journey of friendship, self-discovery, and acceptance.

As Sakura’s health deteriorates, the novel explores themes of mortality, the value of life, and the importance of cherishing the present moment. Through their interactions, both characters undergo significant emotional growth and learn valuable lessons about love and human connection.

“I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” is praised for its poignant storytelling, relatable characters, and thought-provoking themes. It offers a heartfelt exploration of life, death, and the profound impact we can have on each other’s lives.

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