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“Models: Attract Women Through Honesty” is a book written by Mark Manson, published in 2011. It offers a unique perspective on attracting women by emphasizing authenticity, self-improvement, and genuine connections over superficial tactics or manipulation.

The central premise of “Models” is that genuine attraction stems from genuine self-expression and confidence. Manson advocates for men to focus on building their self-esteem, developing their interests and passions, and cultivating honest and open communication with women. Instead of relying on pickup lines or trying to conform to societal expectations of masculinity, Manson encourages readers to embrace vulnerability, express their true selves, and pursue meaningful connections based on mutual respect and understanding.

Throughout the book, Manson provides practical advice and insights on various aspects of dating and relationships, including approaching women, building rapport, handling rejection, and maintaining healthy boundaries. He also addresses common misconceptions and myths about attraction and offers a refreshing alternative to traditional dating advice.

“Models” has gained popularity for its straightforward and no-nonsense approach to dating and relationships. It has resonated with many readers who appreciate Manson’s emphasis on authenticity and self-improvement as the foundation for meaningful connections with others.

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