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“Twisted Games” is a book written by Ana Huang. It falls within the genre of contemporary romance, particularly in the New Adult category.

In “Twisted Games,” the protagonist, Jo Harding, is a college student who finds herself entangled in a complicated relationship with her best friend’s older brother, Damon Baxter. Despite their initial animosity towards each other, Jo and Damon’s dynamic begins to shift as they spend more time together.

As the story unfolds, Jo and Damon navigate the complexities of their feelings for each other while confronting past traumas and personal insecurities. Their relationship is tested by external pressures, misunderstandings, and the interference of others, leading to moments of tension and drama.

“Twisted Games” explores themes of love, friendship, trust, and self-discovery. It delves into the emotional vulnerabilities of the characters and the challenges they face in reconciling their desires with their fears.

Overall, “Twisted Games” promises to be a compelling and emotionally resonant romance novel, offering readers a blend of steamy romance, engaging characters, and captivating storytelling.

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