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“Verity” is a psychological thriller novel written by Colleen Hoover, published in 2018. It marks a departure from Hoover’s typical romance genre and delves into darker themes.

In “Verity,” the protagonist, Lowen Ashleigh, is a struggling writer who is hired to complete the remaining books in a successful series after the original author, Verity Crawford, is injured in an accident and unable to write. Lowen moves into the Crawford family home to sort through Verity’s notes and manuscripts, where she discovers a chilling autobiography written by Verity herself.

As Lowen reads Verity’s manuscript, she uncovers disturbing revelations about the Crawford family and Verity’s twisted mind. The lines between reality and fiction blur as Lowen becomes increasingly entangled in the secrets and lies of the Crawford household.

“Verity” is praised for its suspenseful plot, complex characters, and unexpected twists. It keeps readers on the edge of their seats as they unravel the mysteries surrounding Verity Crawford and the dark secrets that lurk within her manuscript. The novel has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase, solidifying Colleen Hoover’s reputation as a versatile and talented author.

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