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“Who Killed Moosewala? The Spiralling Story of Violence in Punjab” is a book written by Amandeep Sandhu, published in 2021. It is a work of non-fiction that delves into the complex issues of violence and unrest in the Indian state of Punjab.

The title “Who Killed Moosewala?” likely refers to the high-profile killing of Punjabi singer and activist Dilpreet Singh ‘Moosewala’ on 22 May 2021. Moosewala was known for his socially conscious songs that often addressed issues such as caste discrimination, drug addiction, and political corruption.

In the book, Amandeep Sandhu explores the circumstances surrounding Moosewala’s death, as well as the broader context of violence and social unrest in Punjab. He investigates the various factors contributing to the violence, including political tensions, organized crime, and social inequality.

Through in-depth research and interviews with key figures, Sandhu uncovers the intricate web of relationships and power dynamics that underlie the violence in Punjab. He sheds light on the human stories behind the headlines, offering insights into the lives of those affected by the violence and the challenges they face in seeking justice and accountability.

Overall, “Who Killed Moosewala? The Spiralling Story of Violence in Punjab” promises to be a thought-provoking and illuminating exploration of a pressing issue in Indian society, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the complexities of violence and unrest in the region.

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