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“Why I am an Atheist and Other Works” is a collection of writings by Bhagat Singh, a prominent Indian freedom fighter, socialist, and revolutionary who lived during the early 20th century.

The title essay, “Why I am an Atheist,” is one of the most well-known works by Bhagat Singh. In this essay, he explains his reasons for rejecting religious beliefs and embracing atheism. He discusses his views on the role of religion in society, the concept of God, and the need for critical thinking and rationalism.

In addition to “Why I am an Atheist,” the collection may include other essays, letters, or writings by Bhagat Singh on a variety of topics related to politics, society, and philosophy. These works offer insights into his thoughts, beliefs, and vision for social change.

Overall, “Why I am an Atheist and Other Works” provides readers with a deeper understanding of Bhagat Singh’s intellectual legacy and his contributions to the struggle for independence and social justice in India.

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