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“Zero to One” is a book written by entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel, with Blake Masters, first published in 2014. It offers insights into entrepreneurship, innovation, and building successful startups.

The title “Zero to One” refers to the idea of creating something entirely new, going from nothing (zero) to something (one), rather than simply copying or iterating on existing ideas. Thiel emphasizes the importance of creating monopolies by developing unique, innovative solutions to problems, rather than competing in crowded markets.

In the book, Thiel discusses various aspects of startup culture and business strategy, including the importance of focusing on a niche market, building strong teams, and creating value through technological innovation. He also explores the role of competition, the power of distribution, and the challenges of scaling a business from zero to one.

Overall, “Zero to One” is considered a thought-provoking and influential book in the field of entrepreneurship, offering valuable insights and advice for aspiring founders and innovators looking to create groundbreaking companies and products.

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